Imperfect LR Candle Labels
Imperfect LR Candle Labels

Imperfect LR Candle Labels

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This wooden wick candle is hand-poured in Sydney, Australia and is made from a reclaimed champagne bottle.

Our mission is to find beautiful champagne bottles that might otherwise end up in landfills and give them a bright new life as a luxury candle. After the bottles are cut, polished and cleaned we hand-pour small batches using 100% all natural soy wax.

Please note the following:
  • Because we are using real champagne bottles, some of the labels may have minor imperfections. This doesn't affect the functionality of the product and adds to the authenticity and charm. 

  • All bottles are hand-cut and handmade and therefore may have minor imperfections.

  • Soy wax is sensitive to heat and the tops of some candles might 'sweat' slightly when shipped (especially during hot Australian summers!). This is easily fixed by running a hairdryer over the top of the candle on a low setting until the wax is smooth again.

  • Champagne bottles have a raised indentation at the bottom called a punt. The wooden wicks are attached to the top of the punt. Once your candle has burned down, there will still be a small amount of wax left in the vessel due to the structure of the bottle and the placement of the wick. You can remove the remaining wax by heating it with a hairdryer.
DISCLAIMER: The Champagne Collective has no affiliation with this brand or any other company or brand that we sell.