Imperfect MC Magnum Vase Label 2
Imperfect MC Magnum Vase Label 2

Imperfect MC Magnum Vase Label 2

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This Magnum vase is made from a reclaimed champagne bottle. 

Our mission is to find beautiful champagne bottles that might otherwise end up in landfills and give them a new life.

Please note the following:
  • Because we are using real champagne bottles, some of the labels may have minor imperfections. This doesn't affect the functionality of the product and adds to the authenticity and charm. 

  • All bottles are hand-cut and polished and therefore may have minor imperfections.

  • Champagne bottles have a raised indentation at the bottom called a punt. When placing flowers in the vase you will need to work around the punt and cut your flower stems short. You may need to experiment and trim them a few times but the results are worth it!
DISCLAIMER: The Champagne Collective has no affiliation with this brand or any other company or brand that we sell.