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About Us

Hi! I’m Shelley and welcome to my world! 🍾

I’ve been an entertainment journalist and event manager for over 25 years in the U.S. and Australia, working with celebrities ranging from Ted Kennedy and Deepak Chopra to Jack Nicholson and Kim Kardashian.
I've attended many high-end events, dinners, launches and premieres in my time - usually with a glass of bubbles in my hand. It always seemed like such a waste when the staff would just toss all the beautiful champagne bottles in the bin at the end of the night. But what can you really do with a champagne bottle that doesn’t look a bit tacky? Stick a single long-stemmed rose in it? Maybe one white candlestick? Or just leave it empty on a bookshelf as a reminder of a special celebration?
I decided to give these beautiful champagne bottles a second chance by upcycling them into luxury wooden wick candles. Each bottle is hand-cut and sanded to a super-smooth finish using a special technique. Then the candles are poured in small batches using champagne-scented 100% natural soy wax.
I’m a great believer in style AND sustainability and once the candle has been used, you can recycle the vessel once again – makeup brushes, pencils or art supplies - the possibilities are endless.

We've also added a range of vases made from the large 1.5 litre champagne magnum bottles and "More Champagne, Please" bells that you can ring when you need a top-up! We are also adding a reusable champagne-themed cotton tote bag, so watch this space.
Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I hope you enjoy your purchase and playing a little part in helping the planet.
Shelley Seddon