Dom "Luminous" Vase
Dom "Luminous" Vase
Dom "Luminous" Vase
Dom "Luminous" Vase

Dom "Luminous" Vase

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The Dom "Luminous" Bottle is a special edition bottle that features a switch activated  LED Label to create a striking visual effect. Here's how it works:

  1. LED Label: The key feature of the Luminous Bottle is the LED Label which is powered from a unit embedded in the base of the bottle. The LED Label is activated by a switch on the bottle.

  2. Battery: Inside the bottle's base, there is a small battery compartment that holds the necessary batteries to power the LED Label. These batteries are usually replaceable, allowing the bottle to be used multiple times.

  3. Switch: The bottle has a hidden switch that you press to turn on the LED Label. This button is discreetly located on the base of the bottle.

  4. Light Patterns: Once activated, the LED Label glows in a soft, ambient manner, highlighting the label and making the bottle more visible in dimly lit settings.

  5. Ambient Lighting: The Luminous Bottle is designed to enhance the ambiance of special occasions, such as parties, celebrations, or romantic dinners. The soft, glowing light adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the experience.

  6. Decoration: Besides the functional purpose of making the champagne bottle stand out, the LED Label also serves as a decorative element, making the bottle itself a conversation piece and a memorable gift.

Please note the following:

  • This vase is made from a reclaimed champagne bottle. 
  • We inspect every single bottle and have taken the utmost care to select the best ones to upcycle. Because we are using real champagne bottles that have been previously used, some of the labels may have minor imperfections. This doesn't affect the functionality of the product and adds to the authenticity and charm.  
  • All bottles are hand-cut and polished and therefore may have minor imperfections.
  • Champagne bottles have a raised indentation at the bottom called a punt. When placing flowers in the vase you will need to work around the punt and cut your flower stems short. Really short. Like alarmingly short. You may need to experiment and trim them a few times but the results are worth it!

DISCLAIMER: Champagne Collective is not affiliated with this brand or any other company or brand whose labels appear on our products. No relationship or endorsement is expressed or implied.